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What is the Climate FinTech Alliance?

The Climate FinTech Alliance is a network of world-leading financial institutions committed to net-zero that are looking to create tangible impact.

Climate FinTech’s ultimate goal is to direct capital flows towards decarbonization. To achieve this, the collective power of startup innovation, corporate involvement, and government policy is needed. We are committed to helping the larger ecosystem connect. 

Our mission is to accelerate Climate FinTech startups and facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations between them and the world-leading financial institutions that partner with us. 

F10 and New Energy Nexus unite their strengths in incubating and accelerating FinTech innovation globally and their in-depth expertise in Climate FinTech. We are proud to currently support several Climate FinTechs as part of our running Incubation Program in Switzerland and our Global Acceleration Program.

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How to get involved

Maximize Impact

Become a Founding Partner

Identify the most cutting-edge Climate FinTech startups, find potential collaboration opportunities and bring the latest Climate FinTech innovations into your organization.

As a founding partner, you play a crucial role and impact directly in building the ecosystem to effectively promote and scale FinTechs that help decarbonize the global economy. 

Your benefits

Position your organization as a first-mover in accelerating Climate FinTech innovations – become a founding member and enabler of the first Climate FinTech Accelerator
Company-specific needs-analysis and scouting service to match you with cutting-edge Climate FinTechs
Exclusive access to trends, dealflow and collaboration opportunities with Climate FinTechs as well as bespoke collaboration support

Actions to build the ecosystem

Climate FinTech Report (coming soon)
Insights into the latest Climate FinTech developments in your region, through market analysis of emerging innovations, investment activity, and case studies.
Annual Summit
Bringing the ecosystem together for an annual Climate FinTech Summit
The Latest News
Early access to report and news from the ecosystem
Panels & Roundtables
Private and public events, roundtables and pitching events

Climate FinTech Report

This report is a distillation of over 100 interviews from 2020 with financial institutions, Open Banking experts, climate scientists, blockchain advocates, cleantech VCs, and climate fintech startups, among others. 

The latest news